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because angry germans singing about hobbits is just awesome

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  1. This community is for POWER METAL ONLY! Now, that is a very subjective definition. If you are unsure of a band, click on over to either Metal Archives or Wikipedia, because either of those sites, or the band's site itself usually says so. As long as you stay close, you won't get bitched at too bad. And no Pantera fans, I don't mean YOUR definition. This is Blind Guardian territory. Go away. Refer to the list below for references to other communities.

  2. We were all metal newbies at some point and time, so if someone posts incorrect information about a band, correct them politely. Don't be a jackass.

  3. No one likes an elitist prick, and no one cares about how big your metal penis is. The point of this community is to share music, not have everyone be in envy of how "Kvlt" you think you are.

  4. It is okay to promote music related communities. One post about them is fine. No spamming.

  5. Please post the artist in the subject line or tags. This makes things easier for people to find.

  6. Please put large requests or album lists underneath an LJ cut. DO NOT stretch the page. It is rude

  7. This is Power Metal MP3. Not Power Metal WMA. Encoding with WMA is encoding with Hitler. MP3 is the most universally accepted file format for music, so please post in it.

  8. Try to compress files in either .ZIP or .RAR format.

  9. DO NOT harass other members to post things. Most people who post this stuff post it on their own free time, so please be respectful.

  10. Lets keep the posts friends only. Membership is un-modded, but this will help keep out the leachers who would steal all of our precious bandwidth.


    You can use either WinZip, but the much better one is WinRAR. It has better compression, and is a lot more user friendly.

    Uploading sites Each one has its own pros and cons. Pick which one works best for you

    Links to other helpful communities
    • mandatory_metal - all things metal, this is EVERY genre, so this is where you need to go for un-power things
    • industrial_mp3s - for stuff like Rammstien, NIN, and other industrial acts
    • thyblackfolkmp3 - For Black, Folk, and Viking type metal bands. Check these guys out, because folk metal is awesome
    • electricdoommp3 - for doom, sludge, stoner, funeral, and death type metal.
    • prog_mp3 For all things progressive like Fates Warning, Dream Theater, and other Prog-type things.
    • mp3_trade - general MP3 trading. Unmetal stuff goes here

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    Power Metal MP3

    Power Metal MP3

    Power Metal MP3